1. On Book VIII of Plato’s “Republic”: Pluralistic Democracy & the Imperfect State

    On Book VIII of Plato’s “Republic”: Pluralistic Democracy & the Imperfect State

    The highest good becomes possible for man only under the civilizing conditions of a socialized order. As a social animal, the exigencies of political life do not, as Plato maintains in his Republic, hinder man’s development — society is not a necessary evil — rather, through the benefit that living in a well-ordered community with his fellows brings, men are able to realize and exercise that…

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  2. The Immortality of the Soul In Plato’s “Republic” & “Laws”

    The Immortality of the Soul In Plato’s “Republic” & “Laws”

    Dryptosaurus Cope
    As the philosophical question par excellence, the question of the immortality of the soul in Plato’s Republic is raised in conjunction with the rewards offered for living a just and a virtuous life. As an extenuating issue, the immortality of the soul derives its place in Plato’s discussion of the establishment of the Republic from the characteristics most essential to a consistent outcome of the…

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  3. Review of “Religion: If There Is No God” by Leszek Kolakowski

    Review of “Religion: If There Is No God” by Leszek Kolakowski

    In his book, Religion: If There Is No God, Leszek Kolakowski addresses large theological problems such as Evil, the nature of God, mystical experience and the language of the sacred are addressed by juxtaposing philosophical and ideological (as opposed to anthropological) ideas in a type of point/counterpoint comparison and discussion.

    Treating of these philosophies in such a way provides…

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  4. Spinoza & Leibniz on the Nature of God

    In his Ethics, Spinoza argues that substance is that which is independent of all contingent properties or accidental attributes.


  5. On the Evolution of the Soul: Descartes Versus Aristotle & St. Thomas Aquinas

    On the Evolution of the Soul: Descartes Versus Aristotle & St. Thomas Aquinas



    In his Discourse on the Method of 1637, Descartes ridicules the Aristotelian/Thomist maxim, “there is nothing in the intellect that is not previously in the senses.” Descartes intended to expose the logical absurdities that follow from giving sense perception priority in the rational soul’s operation of understanding:
    The reason for this is…

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  6. Roller Barbie attacks!

  7. This is an exquisite purple sea fan (Gorgonia ventalina), that measures 22 inches across at the widest points, and 19 1/2 inches high at the tallest !

    It was found in the middle of the night on July 21 by David A. & David B.

    We were walking along the beach with no light (save for the moonlight) when David B. noticed an inky black shape floating a few feet off the edge of the shoreline.  He was wearing shoes at the moment, while David A. had gone barefoot…

    Always ready for adventure, David B. suggested to David A. that he hop into the black water and see what was floating in the tide… which David A. promptly did…

    And upon reaching into the water for what was first guessed to be either a t-shirt, a stingray, seaweed, or—-, David A. instead pulled out the amazing purple sea fan you see in the photographs!

    Check out our shop @ Etsy.Com/Shop/Lovalon  to see more of this exquisite specimen, or to purchase.

    (Source: etsy.com)

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  9. Greek sponge diver, tarpon springs, Florida, 1947